Bill to allow first-born daughters to inherit titles passes first stage

8 March 2019 — The Daughters’ Rights campaign to allow first-born daughters the same rights to inherit titles as sons took an important step towards becoming law this week when the Hereditary Titles (Female Succession) Bill passed its first reading with cross-party support in the House of Commons. The passing of the first stage of

Letter to Penny Mordaunt

In December of last year, Penny Mordaunt, Minister for Women & Equalities, was quoted in The Telegraph as writing to Theresa May requesting that the system governing the awarding of titles be ‘remedied’ to ensure that the spouses of all recipients be treated equally. In light of her support for equality for spouses, we have

The Sun – 15/07/18

And we’re in The Sun as well – have a look at the article here with a piece about Meghan Markle’s potential daughter not inheriting the title.

We’re Changing our Name

For years we have been known as the Hares: Equality for Women in the Peerage – but we all feel that as our campaign gathers momentum we need to focus less on the hereditary aspect of our group and more on the political nature of what we are trying to achieve. In this day and

The Succession to Peerages Bill

The Succession to Peerages new private members Bill was introduced by Lord Trefgarne on June 11. It aims to clear up the issues around female inheritance of peerages but seems to still favour boys over girls within a family, and suggests bringing back peerages which are extinct or in abeyance. You can follow the progress of

Equality Bill – new hope

Equality Bill will rise again thanks to Lord Trefgarne. More detail here:   Any thoughts as to how we can make this workable for all?    

Titles Bill – Clan Chief thoughts

NB – This is text from the Clan Chiefs website taken as a cached as link seems to be down. The Equality (Titles) Bill Late last year, Lord Lucas of Crudwell (England) and of Dingwall (Scotland) introduced his Equality (Titles) Bill in the House of Lords. The provisions of the bill would allow for the