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Daughters' Rights is challenging the indefensible practice of male preference primogeniture.


To ensure that son preference is no longer practised in the UK.

In no part of life should it be acceptable to treat daughters differently from sons but male primogeniture, where sons are favoured over daughters is a requirement for hereditary titles. This matters because there are still 92 seats in the House of Lords reserved for hereditary peers, who are all men. While they remain part of the legislative process the hereditary peers can’t be exempt from the same equality laws they make for the rest of us to live by.

The precedent was set in 2013 when the laws of succession were changed for Royal family, removing preference for sons over daughters. It is merely the will that is stopping us from allowing the same rights for all daughters.

We hope that you will join our campaign to ensure that this last state-sponsored sexual discrimination is overturned.


Male Hereditary Peers


Female Hereditary Peers


Male Peers on the Register for Election


Female Peer on the Register for Election


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