Lord Lucas: ‘There is no good reason why the inheritance of a title, which conveys distinction and (for the moment at least) eligibility for election to the House of Lords, should favour men over women, and every reason why we should wipe out this superannuated discrimination.’

Lord Clement-Jones: ‘Nowhere, least of all at the heart of parliament, should we be saying that it is OK to treat daughters differently, of inferior worth, than sons’

Baroness Deech: ‘It is unacceptable that women should be invisible and discriminated against in matters of succession, and in particular they must have their entitlement to seek seats in the House of Lords. It is not right that the UK legislature should enact laws to promote equality and yet fail to ensure it in their own House.’

Earl of Shrewsbury: ‘As a beneficiary of the Male Entail system which in general rules the Hereditary Aristocracy at present, it might be logical to think that I support the continuance of that System. But I am very aware that we live in modern times from which there will be no turning back, and therefore I have changed my views to support the premise of the eldest child – be they male or female – succeeding to the Title.’

Viscount Ridley: ‘This seems like a sensible idea whose time has surely come.’

Lord Fellowes: ‘If you’re asking me if I find it ridiculous that…a perfectly sentient adult woman has no rights of inheritance whatsoever when it comes to a hereditary title, I think it’s outrageous.’